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On January 11, 2018, I opened my own merch store - ‘Ann’s Place’ with merchandise primarily consisting of images from my current and future books, films and animated series. After the opening of my production company, Raconteuse Animation on August 7, 2019, Ann’s Place added an assortment of new merchandise, moderately priced products that come in a variety of different colors and sizes, suitable for even the most finicky of consumers.

Despite the fact that I knew I’d be taking the ‘long way around’ so to speak, I wanted to be able to use my own money to purchase all of the necessary tech toys and supplies I needed to successfully run my company, and selling these products alongside my books are an avenue for me to do just that. To date, I’ve managed to make it through what we all hope was the worst of the pandemic without having to borrow one dime to stay up and running. A fact that I am very proud of!

My reasoning does, however, extend beyond being at the helm of a debt-free company, I also desire to be debt free personally. Thankfully, I’ve moved wisely and cautiously over the years, haven’t accepted any offers for credit cards, loans, or the myriad other ways that are thrown at us on a daily basis to keep us mired in a mountain of debt. Thank God that I’ll be completely debt free once my car and student loans are paid in full. Something that I very much hope to accomplish before the end of 2021.

With that being said, I invite you to come on over to Ann’s Place and make a purchase. This article may well be the only way you learn that I’m even selling anything. I don’t inundate people’s inboxes or social media with sales pitches, I just set forth my best products, pray, and give the occasional mention on my own social media. I then let you, the consumer, decide.

Anyhoo, I do hope that you can find something that you like over at Ann’s Place, and don’t forget to tag me on social media with a pic!

Gavin Percival Mysteries 


8:00 pm

A Weekly Whodunit for Amateur Sleuths

Grab your Gavin Percival Mysteries mug over at Ann's Place and kick off the beginning of each week with a whodunit to stimulate the amateur sleuth in you. Join Ann every Monday night at 8 pm for an episode of Gavin Percival Mysteries, and then head on over to her YouTube Channel where you can tell everyone who you think the culprit is in the comments section. Don't forget to thumb up each video, subscribe to Ann's channel, and hit that notification bell so that you get an alert when she uploads a new video.

Storytime with Ava 


8:00 pm

Thirteen Weeks of Suspenseful Tales


Grab your Storytime with Ava mug over at Ann's Place to go with your copy of Storytime with Ava: Volume I, then gather round the fire with Ava every Wednesday night at 8 pm, and follow along as she reads a suspenseful tale from Ann's collection of short stories. Remember to subscribe to Ann's YouTube Channel, and hit that bell next to the subscribe button so that you get an alert when she uploads a new video. 

Cyber Dating  


8:00 pm

You Never Know Who's On The Other Side


Grab your Cyber Dating hoodies, mugs and tee's over at Ann's Place, and then settle in every Friday evening at 8 pm for an episode from Ann's new series, Cyber Dating. It's loosely based on her novella, "Cyber Dating." The series is the perfect tool to teach your tween's and teens about the perils of meeting strangers online. Be sure to subscribe to Ann's YouTube Channel, and hit that bell next to the subscribe button so that you get an alert when she uploads a new video.