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Dr. Seuss fans will fall in love with this delightful collection of whimsical tales... Sir Rothtickle, the King's Footman, is relentlessly pursued by a host of colorful characters, through a series of quirky towns, on his journey to present the King's son with the crown.   Coming May 29th!

by Author Ann Depres

The Green Shoes & the Crown is everything I imagined for a children's series when I began writing the book. 

Ann Deprés

A Review of Short Story "Cyber Dating"
Cyber Dating Book Cover



After meeting a mysterious redhead in an online chat room and, against his better judgment, an even stranger face-to-face meeting with her in a café, a lonely widower looking for love accepts an invitation to an intimate dinner that lands him in jail with two mysterious murders pinned to his tab.  Coming May 29th!

A Review of Children's Book "The Green Shoes & the Crown"

Cyber Dating, the novella is riveting... You would do well to heed the consequences of carelessly inviting strangers into your life. 

Ann Deprés

by Author Ann Depres
A split mirror image of a half man/half woman

Introducing IDENTITY

DEAR READER: Meet Samantha Clearwater. A woman lauded by civilized society as upstanding and successful, revered among the underbelly of society for her brutal and conniving ways. A woman whose evil deeds remain unopposed and undetected until the two worlds converge, her nemesis is hot on her heels, and her demise is imminent.

Coming 12.1.24                 

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